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FMECA and FMEA in Reliability Workbench

The FMECA Module of Reliability Workbench provides the full framework and reporting facilities to allow users to construct FMECAs to industry standards or their own custom requirements.

Process and Design FMEAs, commercial aircraft FMEAs and EFA format FMECAs may also be constructed and analysed within this module.


The FMECA Module provides a simple method of constructing block diagrams and entering failure data representing sub-systems and components. The constructed FMECA represents failure modes at various sub-system and component levels.

One of the most powerful features of the FMECA Module is its ability to automatically trace failure effects, severity values and failure causes through the system hierarchy.

Failure rate and criticality values are automatically calculated by the program. The FMECA Module will filter detectable and non-detectable failures. Failure rates may also be modified using beta factors associated with failure modes and individual effects.


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